Jewel Cafe + Bar

I passed by Jewel Cafe + Bar while on the way to somewhere else. Since it was a hot day, I decided to head inside and hide out the heat. It seemed that I was not the only one as there were plenty of people in the restaurant.

I had a cafe latte ($6) which was a little on the expensive side. The coffee looked alright but I discovered that the appearance was deceiving. The drink so milky that I could hardly taste the coffee. At times it felt like I was drinking coffee-flavored milk rather than milk-flavored coffee.

I also had the port and blue cheese burger ($20). Actually I was a bit surprised that it turned out to be a burger because I thought it would be a sandwich. It was listed under the “Burgers & Sandwiches” category but there was no clear indication which was which. It’s a good thing I liked burgers so I didn’t mind. The burger came with fries and salad.

First, the good stuff. The bread and meat were good. The patty was cooked to a medium and remained juicy. Even though the patty looked smaller than the bun, the ratio of meat vs bread was still okay. The sweetness of the caramelized onions also went well with the burger. Which was more that I could say about the blue cheese. As you can see from the photo, the cheese seemed to have melted away, leaving only a tiny little patch of white on the patty as evidence of its presence. To be honest, because the burger was pretty good, I wouldn’t have minded so much about the lack of cheese if it wasn’t in the name of the burger. But I felt that if you are going to draw attention to an ingredient by naming the burger after it, then the ingredient should be the star of that dish and not like an afterthought.

Jewel Cafe + Bar
Address: 129 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218407
Tel: +65-62989216


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