CAD Cafe

Redhead and I met for brunch. The original plan was to go for coffee at my favorite coffee place, espressoLAB Singapore, but when we reached the cafe, we discovered that it was closed. I remembered that they used to be open on Sundays but when we checked their opening hours, it seemed that espressoLAB had changed the days that they are open. I knew that there were many small eateries in the area so I suggested to Redhead that we walked around and see what else was available. It turned out that we were early and not many places were open. Finally we smelled the aromatic fragrance of coffee when we walked pass CAD Cafe. It smelled good so we stopped to take a look. Apart from two customers drinking their coffee at the outdoor bar tables, the cafe was empty. It was a small place and there were only around six seats at one big table and two window seats.

In the cafe was a very old television. Redhead said that her home used to have this exact television when she was a child. This caused me to think back and I remembered that the first television in my house looked more modern. I said so, adding that perhaps Redhead and I were from a different generation since we had different television sets. Redhead glared at me and said, “Hello, we are only two years apart.”

We sat at the table and ordered two lattes from a friendly Caucasian man behind the counter. There were some pastries displayed on the counter as well, but I didn’t order any because I felt like eating something savory rather than sweet. As the Caucasian man delivered the coffee to us, he said, “I’m still calibrating the machine so these are on the house. Let me know if they are okay.”

Both of us were pleasantly surprised. The coffee was quite good and had a nice aroma. Both Redhead and I thought that this was a place we could come back again. I noticed some tiny flecks of coffee powder floating on mine but didn’t think much about it. As we drank, the Caucasian man chatted with us. He said he is one of the cafe owners and they had just opened the cafe two weeks ago.

We felt bad about not paying for the coffee so we decided to go for another round. I drank mine slowly so I was about halfway done when a spectacled Malay man entered the shop. Upon seeing him, the Caucasian man asked us, “Would you like another cup of coffee? The expert is here.” Then noticing that I was only halfway through my cup, he continued, “I think it’s not good so let him made you another cup.” And with that, he took away our cups before we could say anything and ordered two more lattes for us.

If we thought the first cup was good, the second cup made by the Malay man was great. The coffee was richer, creamier and there was a light milky sweetness. I’m amazed at the difference a barista could make to the coffee. Except for the person making the coffee, all the other elements remained the same.

To go with the coffee, we ordered some toasties. The toasties were so new that they were not even printed on the menu yet. There were two types of toasties available and we had both of them. The first was pickled asparagus with cheddar. The asparagus was lightly pickled so the vinegar taste was mild. This was quite nice and light.

The mozzarella with red pepper pesto was nice as well. I think the red pepper was probably red capsicum and not chilli pepper since it wasn’t spicy. It was milder in taste and the cheese was nicely melted and creamy.

The lattes and toasties cost $5 each.

CAD Cafe (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)
Address: 23 Haji Lane,  Singapore 189216

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