Shops closed for half a day

I woke up earlier than Redhead, which was no surprise. I decided to stay in the living room so that I could catch her once she came out of her bedroom. I had dropped her a message last night to warn her not to us her toothbrush but I was still worried that she might have missed it. After all, people tend not to be most alert when they just woke it.

Lazing on the sofa, I checked the weather report. Hong Kong was still under typhoon no. 8 warning and over 100 flights were delayed yesterday. Luckily Batman and Mao Mao managed to fly off although they had to wait for a few hours to do so.

Redhead walked out of her bedroom and I quickly told her not to use the toothbrush. She had seen my message and lamented that it was a new toothbrush. Joining me on the sofa, Redhead checked the typhoon warning again and it was still at no. 8, meaning that there’s no need to go to work that day. If the warning was not lifted before 2pm, it meant that Redhead would not need to go into the office for the whole day. But the responsible woman still checked her emails to make sure that there was nothing urgent waiting.

Due to the typhoon warning, many shops were not opened. There was no food in Redhead’s apartment so we ventured out to look for opened eateries. We went to 苗苗餐廳  (Miu Miu Cafe Restaurant) which was one of the two opened eateries in the area. Everywhere else was closed so there was little options to choose from.

The food was edible but mediocre. There were Chinese and western dishes, neither of which looked very tasty. But beggars could not be choosers so we placed our orders. I played it safe, choosing something that was less likely to go very wrong. I had chicken chop and sausages in a tomato-based kind of sauce. Once one had lowered expectations, it was not too bad. Redhead said that at least they gave real sausages.

Outside, it kept raining on and off. We saw some tourists wandering around, not quite sure what to do now that most businesses were closed. Some of them looked as if they were in a daze. Meanwhile, Miu Miu had a thriving business as more and more people came to seek shelter or nourishment.

There was a TV inside Miu Miu. Someone had switched on and it was playing a Cantonese movie which was interrupted every 20 mins by weather updates. Since nobody seemed to be in a hurry to chase us off, we stayed and watched the 2nd half of 瘦身男女 (Love on a Diet). I loved the movie and it was hard to be believe that it came out more than ten years ago. Time sure flies.

The weather updates finally brought some cheery news. The typhoon warning would be lifted after 2pm, meaning that Redhead would not need to go to work but more shops should be open for dinner.

We left Miu Miu when there was a break in the rain and wandered around the area to see what shops were opened. A bakery called Gute Express at the Western Market was opened for business and we went in to take a look. We decided to buy something back to the apartment to eat for tea and settled on the Belgium chocolate lava cake which seemed to be the specialty.

It was baked twice daily and the first batch just came out of the oven less than an hour ago.

We walked to the Macau Ferry Terminal and found the streets were deserted. A white mist hung over the water, blocking the view of the opposite shore. We passed a bank, which was also closed. Big strips of masking tape were pasted across the floor to ceiling glass windows. Since most shops were not opened for business and it kept raining, we decided to head back to the apartment. I fell asleep first, then Redhead.

After our afternoon nap, we decided to cut the cake. As we did not have any microwave oven, the chocolate inside the cake did not melt and remained solid. It was still possible to tell which was supposed to be the chocolate lava as it was softer and more fudge-like.

We took the tram to Causeway Bay for dinner. I still found it difficult to tell which tram goes where so I just followed Redhead. We passed by the financial district and Redhead pointed out the empty offices. I saw some flowers placed in rows by the side of a fountain and wondered what was it about. They remind me of flowers placed on tombstones but the side of the fountain seemed a strange place for a cemetery. As if she could read my mind, Redhead said, “No, nobody died there; it’s just bad decor.” I complimented Redhead on her mind-reading skills and she laughed, “I knew because your eyes opened so wide,” and she demoed to me.

At Causeway Bay, the streets were brightly lit and packed with people. Most shops had opened by now and you could not tell that a typhoon just passed by. We stopped by a 許留山(Hui Lau Shan) outlet. Sayang is crazy about this mango dessert chain. So in honor of her, we stepped into the shop for some cold dessert. Despite the near constant rain, it was still a warm day.

We had a coconut milk dessert. It was quite nice, a sweet and milky liquid. Redhead said she had tried a version which was a pudding. I’m sure that it was nicer in pudding form.

I ordered the mango dessert platter which had a mango pudding with mango slices, mango pudding with sago and mango ice-cream with pancakes.

We also had a savory dish. It contained radish, fishballs and cuttlefish boiled in curry. It wasn’t very spicy, just a slight kick.

We went to Uniqlo next. There was a crowd at the entrance but the doors remained closed. A security guard told us that the staff were still preparing to open the shop and it would be open in an hour’s time. So we visited the nearby shops before returning to Uniqlo. The Uniqlo outlet at Causeway Bay was big and took up three floors. I bought six items which were on discount. Successful shopping trip!

We went for dinner at 美味廚 (Delicious Kitchen). A true Cantonese at heart, Redhead decided to order soup. The soup came in a claypot containing a milky liquid filled with cubes of tofu, slices of pork and ham and vegetables. It was tasty and filling due to the generous amount of ingredients.

We also tried deep fried pig intestines. It was crispy but still chewy. However towards the end of the meal, I felt a bit tired of the flavor of the innards. The flavor was not obvious for the first few pieces but it kept piling up through the meal, growing stronger and stronger until it suddenly overwhelmed me.

We shared tan tan noodles with I ate on my previous trip to Hong Kong. I liked the salty, nutty, creamy flavor and the slight kick it had after each bite.

Of course we could not come to Delicious Kitchen without eating its specialty. Every table ordered the pork ribs which were deep-fried and had a grazed sticky surface. There was a hint of ginger and the pork flavor was mild.

It was raining lightly when we left the restaurant. Instead of opening our umbrellas, we decided to dash across the roads and hug the walls tightly as we made our way to Ikea where Redhead bought new pots. Now if there was another typhoon, Redhead would be able to cook instant noodles instead of going out and spending her money on mediocre food.

After the shopping was done, we took the MTR home. The apartment felt quieter now that Mao Mao had gone home. As Mao Mao was not around to fill the silence in the apartment, I took Redhead’s iPad and tried to introduce her to some Hokkien pop songs but the unappreciative woman fell asleep instead.

Places we ate today

苗苗餐廳  (Miu Miu Cafe Restaurant)
Address: Shop A & B, G/F, Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hiller Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852-21140308 / 21140338
Nearest MTR station: Sheung Wan

Gute Express
Address: Shop 9, G/F, 323 Western Market, Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852-26972006
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Fri); 11am – 8pm (Sat and Sun)
Nearest MTR station: Sheung Wan

許留山 (Hui Lau Shan)
Address: Yee Wo St, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-29722292
Nearest MTR station: Causeway Bay

美味廚 (Delicious Kitchen)
Address: Shop B, G/F, 9-11Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-2577 8350
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm
Nearest MTR station: Causeway Bay

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