Butter Studio

Butter Studio had an outlet at Changi Airport but recently I learnt that they had opened a cafe along Jalan Besar. So I guessed they must be quite popular. At least popular enough to open a second shop.

I went after lunch so the cafe was pretty empty. It felt like a pretty small-scale operation. There were no menus or meals, only cakes and pastries displayed in the glass cases on the counter. But maybe because of this, there was a pretty relaxed feel to the place.

I had a ham, tomato and mashed potato bun ($7.20) which was rather nice. It had a savory, onion-ly flavor and everything on the bun to goes well together.

I also tried the Nutella tart ($5.90) which was much too sweet.

The pastry was crumbly and quite nice. It was also rather thick but for once, I was quite glad of the thick pastry as it helped to reduce the sweetness of the filling a little. But the pastry wasn’t enough balance out the sweetness.


The latte ($5) was an average cup of coffee, not spectacular but not horrible either. It came with those retro little biscuits with a dollop of colorful sugar icing on top.

Butter Studio (Website | Facebook)
Address: 147 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208865
Tel: +65-62947115


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