Department of Caffeine

I went for a late lunch at the Department of Caffeine. I arrived at close to 2pm, expecting the lunch crowd to have dispersed by now. So I was surprised when I pushed open the door to find that the place was still packed. Half of the crowd seemed to be office ladies and the other half seemed to be yuppies. In my t-shirt and berms, I was easily the most unkempt and undressed customer.

It took me a while to read the menu and decide what to eat. Unfortunately it seemed that the specialties of the cafe were sold out. I was told that the salads were really popular and were all sold out by 1pm. Only a few other food items were left and in the end I settled for a minute steak sandwich and a cup of coffee.

The latte ($5) was quite nice.

The steak sandwich ($16) was not bad as well. The bread was soft and airy while the beef was tender and juicy. The sandwich came with some chunks of cucumber sprinkled with sesame seeds. I ate one but didn’t like it. Then I ate another chunk of cucumber just to be sure. Yup, still didn’t like the cucumber.

If the other dishes were as good as the sandwich, I could see what the Department of Caffeine was packed for lunch. However, you need to go early as the dishes seemed to have a limited number.

Department of Caffeine (Website | Facebook | Instagram)
Address: 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481
Tel: +65-62233426

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