Coffee and dessert at Club Street Social

After lunch, Redhead and I went to Club Street Social for coffee and dessert. There was a counter and bar stools along one side of the room while the other side was lined with tables and chairs. I liked the decor, especially the tables with the marble tops and the low-hanging lamps. However during the time we were there, rock music was played loudly from the speakers, making it seem like a pub at night rather than a place to hang out on a hot, lazy afternoon.

I ordered the dark chocolate mousse which was soft, rich and chocolatey. I’m glad that the chocolate taste was prominent and not diluted with milk. If you are a chocolate lover, this is the one to get. However, it might be too rich for one person to eat all by himself.

We also ordered a cup of latte each. The coffee was so-so. Too much milk was added to the drink so the taste of milk was stronger than the coffee.

Club Street Social (Website | Facebook)
Address: 5 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069261
Tel: +65-62255043


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