Sushi Kou

Redhead and I went to Sushi Kou for lunch. There were very few people in the restaurant and we were shown to a circular booth near the entrance. The booth hid us from the view of the people passing by but not from a waitress who stood near the door. Her position was such that she was facing our table. As there were few customers coming into the restaurant for her to greet, she seemed to be constantly staring in our direction. Although I felt that it was more likely that she was staring into space most of the time and not really looking at us, Redhead was quite uncomfortable with her always facing in our direction. So we tried to ignore her as best as we could.

One of the waiters brought a big jar of cold soybeans as our appetizer. The beans were still pretty firm and not mushy at all. The flavors were mild and tasted a little savory.

Both Redhead and I ordered the same sushi set ($26) which came with a chawanmushi and some canned fruits. Most of the fish were good but some of them were a little dry so the quality of the sushi was a bit inconsistent. I was rather disappointed with the anago sushi as the fish was not as good as it could be. Even though there was a slight charred smoky flavor, the anago was a little dry. But I love anago so I ate it all up anyway.

Sushi Kou
Address: 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #01-16, Singapore 078867
Tel: +65-64448433

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