“B” Burger at &Made by Bruno Menard

Craving for a good burger, I went to &Made by Bruno Menard for lunch. Fearing the scary lunchtime crowds in town, I left home early. Perhaps a bit too early. The restaurant was not open yet when I arrived. So I found a bench in the upper floors of Pacific Plaza and played mobile games on my phone until it was 15-30 mins after their opening hours.

I was the first customer to arrive at the restaurant so I managed to get a booth seat. I decided to go with the “B” Burger  ($19) which seem to be the default burger. There were also burgers with other types of meat and even a veggie burger on the menu.

The burger was tasty and juicy. The beef was coarse grind and loosely packed. I didn’t like it that the patty was smaller than the bun as it mean that the first bite was just bread only. But because the patty was quite thick, it didn’t feel like I was short-changed the amount of beef. The “B” Burger came with caramelized onions, comte cheese and garlic-caper mayonnaise. I had never tried comte cheese before and was surprised to find that it was a bit stretchy. It wasn’t strong-tasting and had a light milky sweetness.

The shoestring fries were good, with crisp exteriors and light, fluffy insides. The &Made BBQ sauce that came with the fries was disappointing though. It was thick, more like a mash or a paste than a sauce, so it did not readily attach itself to the fries. I felt that the sauce could do with more robust flavors as it was quite mild. Even normal supermarket ketchup would be more flavorful.

I never did pick up the trick of eating a burger or sandwich with my hands and still had them miraculously clean at the end of the meal. So yes, I ended up with super greasy hands and fingers again. The paper napkin provided by the restaurant did little to clean away the oil and beef juices, but luckily the wet wipes I brought along did the job.

I added on a small dark chocolate sundae ($6) with my order of burger. Normal sundaes cost $12. My small sundae was really small and I felt not very worth it. Although it had dark chocolate sauce, chocolate pearls and crumble, it tasted pretty ordinary. The pearls and crumble provided some crunch but they were at different layers, with the pearls at the top and the crumble right at the bottom, so it was difficult to get everything in one bite.

I won’t mind coming back to try the other burgers or even pick my own combination but I would replace the sundae with a milkshake or another dessert.

&Made by Bruno Menard (Website | Facebook)
Address: 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-04-06, Singapore 228210
Tel: +65-66907566


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