The Bravery Cafe

It was not easy to find The Bravery Cafe. The cafe had no signboard or anything at the front to indicate that it was open for business. It was so unnoticeable that I would have passed by if I had not googled about it beforehand. The front of the shop was a wall with a line of colored panels at the bottom. As all the panels were identical in size and shape, and there was no telltale door handle, it was hard to tell where was the entrance to the cafe. Because I had googled about it, I knew that the gold-colored panel is the door. So I went up confidently to the gold panel and pushed.

It didn’t budge.

Puzzled, I tried pushing it harder again. It still did not move an inch.

By this time, my efforts had attracted the attention of the staff in the shop and one of them started walking towards me. In a desperate attempt, I tried poking at different spots along the door frame. Of course that had no effect whatsoever. When the staff opened the door, I realized my mistake. I kept pushing on the right side of the gold panel, which turned out to be where the hinge is. So if I had pushed on the left side, I would be able to open the door.

I stepped inside and found that the interior was decorated in a somewhat no-frills rustic workshop style, with long steel bars with holes everywhere. There were long wooden tables and wooden stools. In the middle of the cafe was a horse statue which looked like it was covered in aluminum foil. After I sat down, I noticed the horse statue was leaning to one side, like the Tower of Pisa.

The staff were friendly, especially the one who opened the door for me. He passed me the menu and told me that when I was ready to order, I just need to wave at him.

I had a latte ($4.50). The coffee was not bad and the price was reasonable.

The food menu was quite limited and took up only one page. I had pancakes ($15). It was a stack of three which was pretty filling. The pancakes came with some ricotta cheese, a banana, some chopped pistachios and lots of honey. While the pancakes were tasty, there was nothing special about them. It was good that the cafe was generous with the honey but I still felt that the pancakes were a little pricey.

I’m not sure how I felt about a cafe which did not display their signboard and in fact, seemed to try to make itself as hidden as possible. Perhaps the idea was to make the customers feel privileged, as one would need to be in the know to be able to find the cafe. However I just felt that the cafe was trying a little too hard to be different.

The Bravery Cafe (Facebook | Instagram)
Address: 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073
Tel: +65-94524785


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