Caveman Food

There is a new stall at the basement of Square 2 called Caveman Food. Bell and I thought the name of the stall was interesting and Bell wondered if it sells grilled food. It turned out the Caveman Food sells baked chicken and salads. The reason behind the name was because the food was supposedly close to a caveman’s diet; no oil, MSG or sugar.

There were three flavors of chicken; Italian, Mexican and Moroccan. The Italian and Mexican were the dry version while the Moroccan was wet (cooked in sauce). The chicken was available as a whole chicken, half chicken or drumstick. When I visited the stall, only the Italian and Mexican flavors were available in the drumstick set.

I ordered the Mexican drumstick set ($7.90) which came with a drink and two sides. The Mexican drumstick looked similar to the Italian drumstick except that there were chilli bits present in the Mexican one. For the sides, there were seven options to choose from. I decided to go for the baked egg and apple salad.

The chicken was tasty. The flavors had penetrated into the meat and it was moist and tender. The Mexican flavor was just slightly spicy and even for someone with very low tolerance like me, the spiciness was barely noticeable. The baked egg was nice as well and the bits of onions, carrots and capsicums remained crunchy. It was a pity that the yolk was cooked and no longer runny. The apple salad was light and tasted slightly sweet.

All in all, it was quite a nice meal, but the drumstick may not be enough for big eaters. I ate the drumstick set for lunch and started to feel a bit hungry by 4 pm. I think the next time I would get a half chicken instead.

Caveman Food (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest)
Address: #B1-130 Square 2, Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506
Tel: +65-96900822


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