Baby Huey burger at Potato Head Folk

The sky was overcast when I stepped out of Chinatown MRT station. I silently mouthed a bad word. Somehow it always seemed to rain whenever I forgot to bring an umbrella with me. Right on cue, the first drop of rain fell after I’ve walked a few steps. The rain was still pretty light so I hurried as fast as I could, using the connected sheltered pathways between buildings to proceed when the rain got heavier.

Finally, I ran out of connected pathways. I needed to cross a two-lane road but the rain was pouring down so I decided to wait at the void deck of a HDB block. Luckily rains usually do not last very long in Singapore. This rain lasted as long as it took for me to read two chapters of a book. Then I was able to continue on my merry way.

I went to a restaurant called Potato Head Folk. It took over the premises of an old corner coffeeshop. The ground was an open air, self-service, fast food concept with bar stools and tables lined along the corridor. Even though I was sitting near the road, there was little traffic so it was quite pleasant. You placed your orders at the window with the cash register, collected your drinks at the next window to it and wait for your burger to arrive hot from the kitchen.

I heard that the second floor was a proper restaurant, the third floor was a cocktail bar and the fourth floor was a BBQ smokehouse.

There were six types of burger available, one of which I would never order because it’s a veggie burger. But regardless of whether I would eat it or not, I thought it was good that they catered for people who do not like meat.

I had the Baby Huey ($20), which consisted of 150g beef patty, cheese, pickles, lettuce, house made sauce and spiced mayo. The burger pretty tasty, even the bun tasted good. The beef patty was juicy and the bun soaked up all the lovely juices.

I also ordered a Ginger Ninja ($7) which was a homemade soda concoction. There was a strong ginger taste and it left a lingering spiciness in my throat. However, apart from the spicy ginger and sweet soda, I couldn’t taste anything else. It felt like too much like drinking ginger + fizzy sugar water so it was a little boring.

While the food was tasty, I felt that it was a little expensive. I only had a burger and a drink and it cost me $29 (after taxes). I didn’t even order any sides.

Potato Head Folk (Website | Facebook)
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
Tel: +65-63271939


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