Dinner at P Bistro

Bell and I went for dinner at P Bistro. I was a little surprised to find the cafe fully packed, as this wasn’t the case on previous occasions. Perhaps because it was a Friday night.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about it. While on one hand, it was good that P Bistro was attracting more customers as it meant that they would be able to stay in business. However, for my own selfish reasons, I do hope that the cafe won’t be so packed all the time. I find it more comfortable to eat at places that were not fully packed.

We ordered the Thai beef salad which I had tried before. It was still as tasty. The beef was still perfectly cooked and very tender. However, I felt a little disappointed when the dish arrived at the table as I thought that the portion seemed to have shrank. Perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me, but I do remember the portion being bigger last time.

We shared the mains which was tasty. The duck confit came with a side of vegetables and mashed pumpkin. The duck meat was so flavorful that I could forgive it for being a little dry. The friendly manager said the duck meat was meant to be eaten with the skin which was delightfully crispy in some parts and juicy in others.

The vegetables helped to balance the heaviness of the duck, especially the tomatoes and pickled baby onions. There were also some raspberry compote smeared on the side. However it looked more like a decoration than part of the dish. I like the mashed pumpkin which was a little sweet and made an interesting substitute for mashed potatoes.

The other main we ordered was garlic prawn aglio olio which was also tasty. The prawns were fresh and succulent and there were four to six of them which was pretty generous.

For dessert, we had a salted caramel cheesecake. The cheesecake was rich and creamy with a layer of salted caramel on top. The cheesecake was very soft, mousse-like with a biscuit base.

We originally meant to share it but we ended up having one each. When Bell took the first forkful, she had this happy look on her face. So I asked her if she wanted the whole cheesecake to herself. As I remembered, Bell didn’t make any objections so I ordered another one for myself.

P Bistro (Facebook | Website)
Address: 142 Owen Road, Singapore 218941
Tel: +65-63922333


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