Kanshoku Ramen

A few of us decided to try out a new ramen restaurant for lunch. It was newly opened and when we passed by previously, there was a long queue of people at the entrance.

All of us noticed a strong porky smell when we sat down in the restaurant. Thankfully the ramen did not tasty as porky as the restaurant smelled and was actually pretty tasty.

I had the tonkotsu ramen with pork belly and charshu. The meat was very tender and did not taste porky at all. The broth was also very nice; rich without being oily. The noodles were nice but were thinner and softer than the usual ramen noodles, more like la mian than ramen.

I added an egg to my ramen which cost an extra $2. It was a bit expensive for an egg, but if I ate here again, I would still add the egg because it was so yummy. The egg white was cooked while the yolk was still runny. This by itself was no big deal because a lot of ramen restaurants also served eggs cooked like this, but this egg was the softest and the most flavorful I ever had. The soy sauce had permeated through the egg so even just eating the egg white was tasty enough. The yolk was also the runniest I’ve ever seen, like the yolk of a poached egg.

We also ordered a dish of black truffle edamame which was pretty tasty. It came smelling strongly of truffle oil and was covered in black sesame seeds.

For dessert, we shared a yuzu lemon tart which was light and refreshing. It was not too sour and just the right level of sweetness. However, I thought that it was a little expensive.

Kanshoku Ramen (Website | Facebook)
Address: 9 North Buona Vista Drive #01-18, The Metropolis, Singapore 138588
Tel: +65-66844033


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