McDonald’s Beef Samurai Tamago Burger

After the tasty but unfilling lunch, visions of a big, juicy burger kept appearing in my mind at 4 pm. So after work, I headed straight to McDonald’s and bought the Beef Samurai Tamago Burger.

McDonald's Beef Samurai Tamago Burger

I knew that the Samurai Burger was a popular burger because it kept reappearing on McDonald’s menu for limited period of time. But I never really liked it as it was too wet and too sweet for my tastes. But I was tempted by the egg, which was the same type of egg found in the breakfast Egg Muffin.

Conclusion? It wasn’t as bad as I remembered. It was still too wet but the sweetness seemed to be tempered by the presence of the egg. So I was quite happy with the meal. Or maybe I was just really hungry.

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