Building my own burger at Fatboy’s

Ever since we went to Fatboy’s The Burger Bar last week, Macaroon Man had been talking non-stop about the honey oat bun which Flea ate. The honey oat bun stood out from the other two more normal buns. The bread was a yummy-looking dark brown color and the top was sprinkled with rolled oats. I wouldn’t mind trying it too.

Finally Macaroon Man couldn’t take it any longer. Even though he was not able to find anyone to go with him (besides me), Macaroon Man decided to heck it and eat the honey oat bun that had been plaguing his thoughts. So keen was Macaroon Man to eat the bun, that we reached Fatboy’s way too early. The metal shutters were still down. We stood outside the entrance and looked at the menu until a staff came and opened up the restaurant.

Both of us decided to try our hand at building our own burger.  There were so many choices available, from the type of bun to the sauce, that we took a long time to decide. We even had to use a calculator just to make sure that we did not pick too many ingredients and ended up with a super expensive burger. For my burger, I picked the honey oat bun, beef patty, caramelized onions, garlic aioli and as a finishing flourish, I decided to have both cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.

The resulting burger was tasty but both of us felt the honey oat burger was drier and not as fluffy as the sesame bun. Macaroon Man was quite disappointed that the bun was not as tasty as he expected. He sighed, “Diminishing marginal returns.”

I ordered a chocolate milkshake to go with my burger. It was good, thick and chocolately. I let Macaroon Man try my milkshake. After determining that the milkshake quality was up to his standard, he decided to order another glass for himself, except that he decided to try the vanilla flavor instead.

We also ordered a basket of spicy hot drumlets. We did not expect such a big amount and in the end, we brought some back for our colleagues. The drumlets were crispy but the inside was still moist. It was also pretty spicy and I often had to take a sip of the cooling milkshake after a few bites. Back home, I looked at the photos and realized that there were chilli seeds covering the drumlets. No wonder it was so spicy.

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar (Website | Facebook)
Address: 122 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118544
Tel: +65-64713224


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