Petite Menu

Redhead was back for a visit so we arranged to meet up for dinner. We suggested a few choices and after some discussion, we decided on Petite Menu. Redhead was no help at all. When we asked her to pick a place from the suggested restaurants, she said, “I’m ok with anything except Hong Kong and Cantonese food” or “Everything looks good”.

Petite Menu was located at the ground floor of Aqueen Hotel Lavendar (There’s another Aqueen Hotel located a mere 10 mins walk away). It was a quiet, little place. The service was friendly but a little slow. The food was generally quite tasty and not too expensive. The fusion of asian and western cuisines made some of the dishes quite interesting. The food was nicely plated, making it as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the tongue.

There were three types of soup on the menu.

Si Hamil had the soup of the day which was corn soup. It looked like deceptively like shark fin soup and had the sweetness of corn. Her soup arrived first but because Si Hamil was outside the hotel looking for Redhead, her soup turned cold.

The cream of mushroom soup ($8) was very good. It was thick, creamy and a little buttery. The menu description said that it was a blend of shiitake and button mushrooms.

I had the chicken consommé ($8). It looked the most boring of all the soups as it was just chicken broth with some cute, little, diced vegetables like carrot and celery. It was tasty and comforting, like the kind of soup I would want to drink on a cold, rainy day or when I am sick in bed.

We ordered curly fries with nacho cheese sauce ($8). The fries were crispy and did not feel oily. Mao Mao loved it and said it was better than the thick truffle fries she had previously.

Mao Mao had the nasi lemak ($11) which looked like a small feast for one person. There were lots of sides like sambal prawns, otah, onion omelette, fried peanuts, ikan bilis, fried chicken, achar and sambal chilli. Mao Mao said it tasted good and the rice was fragrant. She also warned that it was quite spicy.

Si Hamil had the fettucini with soft shell crab ($15). It was an interesting mix of asian and western cuisine. There were laksa leaves and lemongrass, and the sauce was made of salted egg yolk.

The rest of us had chicken confit ($16) which was crispy and tasty. It came with braised purple cabbage which tasted a little sweetish, and mashed sweet potato. I think I still slightly prefer duck confit because a duck drumstick is bigger than a chicken drumstick.

Lucky for us, there was currently a promotion for DBS and POSB cardholders where we get a free dessert with every two main courses. We ordered six mains so we got to try all the three desserts on the menu for free.

We had a deconstructed black forest cake ($10). It surprised some of us when it arrived at the table as the menu just called it “Blackforest”. On the plate were chocolate mousse, crushed hazelnut soil, caramel ice-cream and brandied cherries which packed a punch. It was interesting to eat as we could pick and eat each ingredient separately. However there were moments when I wished they were already mixed together in a package instead of mixing it myself.

“Are the leaves edible?” Si Hamil wondered.

Mao Mao replied, “They are not poisonous.”

So Si Hamil popped one into her mouth. Mao Mao watched Si Hamil chewed a few times, then said, “I don’t think they are meant to be eaten.” When Si Hamil stared at her, Mao Mao quickly clarified that she felt it would spoil the taste of the dish, rather than the leaves were inedible.

The second dessert was called Gula Melaka in Agar Agar ($9) which consisted of sago formed into a square tub containing coconut cream. The sago tub sat on top of a layer of agar agar which was in a pool of palm sugar syrup and sea coconut. Like the Blackforest, we could eat each ingredient separately but they tasted better when eaten together.

Lastly we had the panna cota ($8) which consisted of caramel panna cota, peanut butter crumble and raspberry sherbet. The panna cota was creamy but not too sweet. The crumble was nice and added some crunch, but I couldn’t really taste the peanut butter flavor.

Petite Menu
Address: 139 Lavender Street, Aqueen Hotel Level 1, Singapore 338739
Tel: +65-63957782


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