Redhead and I went to Babette for a late lunch. Because of the late hour, there was only one other occupied table in the restaurant. Although it was a restaurant, it had more of the feel of a pub, with dark furnishings and the bar prominently located at one end of the premises. Redhead and I were not very hungry so we shared an appetizer and a main course.

We had the Tuna Tartare ($14) which contained diced raw tuna and scallops together with diced radish, carrot and cucumber. It was served with a generous helping of Japanese mayonnaise topped with prawn roe. The dish was well marinated and pretty tasty. However, it felt like most of it was made of vegetables. We tasted so little tuna and scallops that Redhead asked when we halfway through eating, “I thought there was supposed to be scallops. Did you managed to eat any?”

We also shared the Duck Confit Donburi ($28). The duck drumstick was crispy and flavorful. There were some diced radish, carrot and cucumber which was exactly what was in the Tuna Tartare. It felt a little boring to have to eat the same vegetables again. Not only that, they were prepared the same way as well.

It was a pity that we were too full to eat dessert as the Matcha Lava Cake looked really interesting.

Babette (FacebookWebsite)
Address: 165 Tyrwhitt Road #01-03 Parc Sovereign Hotel, Singapore 207569
Tel: +65-63417727

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