Brunch at The Bravery Cafe

I decided to introduce Redhead to what a friend called “the hipster hangout area” at Jalan Besar. We met at 11am and proceeded to the nearest cafe for brunch, which happened to be The Bravery Cafe. This time there was no difficulty getting into the cafe as the door was ajar. The cafe was quite packed but there were still a few empty tables available. The cafe was going for a workshop/hardware feel so the furnishings were very bare and basic.

We each had a cup of latte ($4.50). The coffee was quite nice. Redhead said that it was just the right amount of milkiness and retained the flavor of coffee.

We also shared a plate of Brave Begedil ($17). There were two strips of crispy turkey bacon, two poached eggs, a slice of avocado, a slice of lemon on top of what the menu called “corned beef begedil hash” (somewhat like a rosti). As with my previous visit, I found the food tasty but a bit expensive.

Both of us found it a bit strange that we were given a slice of lemon and decided not to squeeze the lemon juice over the food as it was already quite flavorful. The turkey bacon was super crispy and broke into half with a snap. The creamy egg yolk and avocado went well with the savory potato. The corned beef was not noticeable and probably over 90% was made up of potatoes.

The Bravery Cafe (Facebook | Instagram | Website)
Address: 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073
Tel: +65-94524785


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