Taiwan Banana Milk

Sometimes I wonder why do banana milk and banana milkshake taste so different, when the ingredients are technically the same? I love banana milkshake but I cannot stand banana milk.

I passed by an aisle in the supermarket and spotted a shelf filled with cans of Taiwan Banana Milk. Perhaps it’s the cute banana that attracted me because I ended up buying a can. Although based on previous experiences with other brands of banana milk, I was fairly sure that I would hate it.

The can remained my fridge for two weeks before I finally decided to open it. I guess you can tell how eager I am to try banana milk, eh? I took a sip and found it too sweet. I found that it didn’t really taste like milk or banana; there was a tinge but it wasn’t a strong taste. At best, the drink was inoffensive and I doubt that I would buy another can of it.

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