Old Hen Coffee Bar

I found Old Hen Coffee Bar while I was searching for another cafe in the area. I did eventually found the cafe I was looking for but I told myself that I would visit Old Hen one day. I mean, who doesn’t like a cafe that calls itself Old Hen?

So today I decided to go to Old Hen for brunch. The staff were young but cheerful and friendly.

I was a bit lost when I saw that my favorite coffee drink, latte, wasn’t on the menu. After I examined the menu more thoroughly, I found that there was a coffee drink simply known as “White”. There were two types of “White” coffee; “White, 3 oz” and “White, 5 oz”. I picked the 5 oz version ($4.50), thinking that it was probably closest to a latte.

The coffee was pretty nice. It was thick and milky.

I also ordered a buttermilk waffle ($9) which came drizzled with salted caramel sauce. There was also a pile of apple compote and yogurt on top of the waffle. I liked the waffle which was served hot. The waffle was light, fluffy and pretty tasty but I imagined that it would not be as nice after it turned cold. So you should eat it while it’s still warm.

Old Hen Coffee Bar (Facebook | Instagram | Website)
Address: 88 Rangoon Road, #01-03, Singapore 218374
Tel: +65-63415458

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