Smoked salmon on toast at The Coffee Shot

I went to The Coffee Shot for brunch. The last time I had visited it was more than a year ago so I was glad that it was still around. I was a little surprised to find that it was pretty empty considering that the other cafes in the vicinity was pretty packed at this time. Still, I’m not complaining. I like a quiet cafe.

The service was friendly but a bit slow. One of the customers kept going to the counter to asked about his order and finally he couldn’t wait any longer and asked to change his order to a takeaway.

I had a latte ($5.50) which was pretty nice although a bit more expensive than the usual price for a latte.

I also ordered a smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast ($15.90). It was pretty tasty. The scrambled eggs were creamy and buttery, while the smoked salmon provided the saltiness needed. The salad was drizzled with a sweetish citrus dressing.

The Coffee Shot
Address: 103 Lavender Street, Singapore 338725
Tel: +65-62995909


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