Meatballs Marinara at The Coffee Shot

The Coffee Shot may become one of the cafes that I visit more frequently this year. The food and drinks were not bad but most importantly it was always uncrowded. While other cafes in the area were packed to the brim, there was always an empty table available at The Coffee Shot no matter what hour.

Perhaps one day I would have tried every item on their menu. Or not, not everything on the menu appealed to me. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Today I had their Meatballs Marinara ($16.90) which was pretty good. It came with beef meatballs on toast, scrambled eggs and salad. The scrambled eggs and salad were the same as what I had previously so I won’t spend too much time on them. Just that I felt that scrambled eggs could do with a pinch more pepper and salt.

The meatballs were tasty and I counted 8-9 mini meatballs on the toast, which was pretty generous. They were covered in an lovely marinara sauce, and finally by a blanket of melted cheese. The marinara sauce was a bit on the sweet side, which might not be to everyone’s taste.

The Coffee Shot
Address: 103 Lavender Street, Singapore 338725
Tel: +65-62995909


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