House of Commons

House of Commons is run by a couple who live in the upper levels of the shophouse with their children. According to the owner, the cafe opened for business on 26 December 2014. So it was just over one month old when I visited. Perhaps because it was still new, there were plenty of empty tables available. Plus, there were four other cafes in the area so the crowd was spread out.

I only had a cup of coffee but I noticed that the cafe also served a small selection of sandwiches, breads and cakes. I ordered a latte and the friendly owners asked me if I would like a single or double shot. I wanted to go for a single shot because too much coffee makes me unable to sleep. The lady boss then explained that they had two types of coffee beans; a medium roast and a dark roast. The dark roast would have less caffeine but the flavor would be stronger (I suspected that “flavor” in this case meant the bitterness). Anyway, since they were so nice, and the man boss assured me that I would definitely be able to sleep at night, I went for the double shot dark roast.

The coffee was more bitter (I was right!) but I could still take it without adding any sugar. After the first few sips, I got used to the bitterness and thought it was not too bad. But the dark roast was definitely meant for sipping and not drinking in big gulps. Next time I would probably try the medium blend to see what was the difference.

House of Commons (Facebook | TwitterWebsite)
Address: 138 Owen Road, Singapore 218939
Tel: +65-62911774


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