Immanuel French Kitchen and Seasalt

We heard that there was a coffeeshop in Bukit Merah which sold tasty French food. So a few of us decided to go there for lunch. With Google Maps guiding us, we managed to locate the place but it was difficult to find parking as all the surrounding carparks were full. Eventually we found a lot and proceed to the coffeeshop for lunch.

The coffeeshop was located at a block right next to the hawker centre. Perhaps because of this, the coffeeshop was quite different from the typical coffeeshop found all over Singapore. There were no local food stall at the coffeeshop. Besides Immanuel French Kitchen, the other stalls sold western or European food. There was a German stall, a western seafood stall, a fried chicken stall, an ice-cream stall and a drinks stall selling juice blends and bubble tea. All the tables had number stands like those found at a wedding dinner. Some of the tables were also covered with a blue and white checkered plastic tablecloth.

The French Duck Leg Confit was quite tasty ($15.90). There was a lot of flavor especially in the skin. The mashed potato was smooth and buttery. However the girls felt that it seemed to get saltier towards the end of the meal.

The Pork Belly ($16.90) looked absolutely yummy. It came with mashed potato, mushrooms and a poached egg. Finally croutons, bacon bits and spring onions were sprinkled on top. The pork belly was cooked in the Japanese kakuni style which means that the pork was simmered in dashi, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and sake for a long time over a low flame. This meant that the meat was meltingly tender and had absorbed the flavor of the stock.

The Sous Vide Chicken Breast ($13.90) was perhaps the healthiest of the dishes we ate. The chicken breast was cooked using sous-vide method so the meat was tender and moist. The outside was roasted so there was a slight difference in texture. However, I find the chicken a little bland compared to the flavor rich duck and pork. The chicken came with barley risotto, mushroom fricassee and little green plant stems.

We also ordered Deep Fried White Bait ($7) from another stall called Seasalt. The white bait was savory and crispy. It came with a sweetish chilli sauce and tartar sauce for dipping.

Immanuel French Kitchen (Facebook)
Address: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 151119
Tel: +65-92973285

Seasalt (Facebook)
Address: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 151119

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