Arnold Palmer sandwich at House of Commons

There’s a new food menu at House of Commons. Mr Boss said that the menu was brand new and they just revised it yesterday.

Arnold Palmer sandwich

I had a sandwich called The Arnold Palmer ($12.90) which was a combination of egg mayo and tuna. There were also some anchovies mixed in with the tuna. If you don’t like anchovies, don’t worry it wasn’t strong or too salty. But then, I like anchovies so what is acceptable for me, might not be acceptable for you. My mom hates alcohol and even if you dilute a single drop of alcohol in a bottle of water, she will still be able to taste it.

There were also tomato and cucumber mixed in. I don’t like cucumbers but I will eat them if they are sliced into tiny and thin pieces and hidden inside food I like, which is what the owners did here. I guess that’s how they trick their children into eating veggies too.

There were a few types of bread to choose from. Mr Boss said the dark rye bread would go with the filling so that’s what I had. The bread was not toasted so it remained soft. Again, this is a matter of preference. I like soft bread but I have friends who preferred their bread toasted. If you prefer your bread toasted, well, the owners are nice people, so perhaps if you ask nicely, they will toast the bread for you.

House of Commons (Facebook | TwitterWebsite)
Address: 138 Owen Road, Singapore 218939
Tel: +65-62911774


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