Bow-tie Napolitana at Two Bakers

Bow-tie Napolitana

I tried the savory food at Two Bakers for lunch. I ordered the Bow-Tie Napolitana ($13.80) and added extra $2 for chicken. The dish was ok and really ordinary. It had a nice tomato flavour and there were soft cloves of garlic mixed in with the pasta. There was a decent amount of mushrooms. However, the chicken breast meat was somewhat dry and tough. It was indicated as spicy on the menu, but when I ate it, I find that it was not spicy at all. A little peppery but definitely not to the extend of what I would call spicy, and I have a really low tolerance for chilli.

I also order a cup of latte (5.50). It was pretty to look at but like the pasta, the drink was ok and not memorable. There was a slight sourish (citrus?) aftertaste which I did not quite like.


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