Scramb It! at The Coffee Shot

Redhead and I shared the most expensive all day breakfast dish called Sramb It! ($17.90). It was a hearty meal and consisted of scrambled eggs, bratwurst, honey baked ham, toast, roasted tomato and mesclun salad. Every item on the dish was tasty and we enjoyed the food. I expected the toast to be buttered and was surprised when I took a bite and it tasted sweet. That’s when I realized that the toast was drizzled with honey. It was a sweet treat (ha ha).

The breakfast was a hearty meal. Even though Redhead and I shared it, it was filling enough that we had a late lunch, and even then it was more because “we should eat” rather than “we were hungry”.

For drinks, we both had hot coffee. I had my usual latte ($5.50) while Redhead had the flat white ($5). Both types of coffee were nice and we could taste the slight difference in the flavor.

The Coffee Shot
Address: 103 Lavender Street, Singapore 338725
Tel: +65-62995909


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