Main courses at The Coffee Shot

So I finally tried all the main courses at The Coffee Shot. I ate them over the course of a few days but rather than post them separately, I decided to put them together into one post.

It was a little confusing in the beginning because they were labelled as “Entree” in the menu and I went “Isn’t entree an appetizer?” But I looked at the price and decided that they were not appetizer prices. To summarize, all the main courses were tasty and the portions were pretty filling. I wouldn’t mind ordering them again. Details  and photos below:

Baked Herb Crusted Salmon ($16.50)

The salmon was good; moist and tasty with a crispy skin. However, it was not really herb crusted although there were some crispy breadcrumb-herb mix sprinkled on top. It came with some tasty white rice mixed with some grains of brown rice and corn kernels. The salad on top of the salmon was the same as the salad that accompanied all the other dishes at The Coffee Shot.

Cajun Spiced Chicken ($14)

The menu described it as chicken roulade which was a fancy name for meat rolled up. The chicken was flavorful and nicely spiced. It came with the same rice and salad as the salmon. The only thing I don’t like about this dish was the BBQ sauce which tasted like a sweet ketchup. I much preferred the tomato coulis that came with the salmon and meatballs.

Swedish Meatballs ($15.90)

I have mentioned before that I like the meatballs. The meatballs were made of 100% beef and were really tasty. This time they came with baked potatoes and salad. The potatoes were soft and fluffy. They were tasty and made a nice change from the rice.

The Coffee Shot
Address: 103 Lavender Street, Singapore 338725
Tel: +65-62995909


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