Chef’s Noodle

I joined some guys to try out a new eating place called Chef’s Noodle for lunch. It served Korean food, mainly noodles (duh) although there were also a few rice dishes available. Mostly of the noodles were soup dishes but I prefer dry noodles. So I had the Chef’s Bibim Guksoo even though the speciality seemed to be soup noodles.

Chef's Noodle

The noodles were really nice, soft but springy. I had dreams about them for the next few days. It came with stir-fried pork and cabbage, seaweed, an egg omelet which was similar to the Japanese egg omelet and the red Korean chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was sweet and spicy. Although the chilli sauce packed quite a punch, it was not lasting and by the end of the meal, I had forgotten that it was ever spicy at all. Yes, I have the memory capacity of a goldfish.

The dry noodles also came with a peppery soup served in a metal cup.

Chef’s Noodle (FacebookWebsite)
Address: HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square #01-99/100, Singapore 099253
Tel: +65-62713033


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