Little Diner

It was Restaurant Week so a few of us arranged to go to Little Diner for lunch. It was the first time I visited Little Diner and I found it a comfortable place for a casual lunch. However it was not very accessible for those without cars and even if you had a car, there were limited parking spaces nearby.

We shared the Little Diner Truffle Fries which came pipping hot and fluffy. It was tasty but we felt that it could do with more grated parmesan.

For Restaurant Week, Little Diner had a lunch set consisting of appetizer, main course and dessert. There were about three choices for each course.

For appetizer, I had the Wild Mushroom Soup which came drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with garlic croutons. I could smell the truffle as soon as the soup was placed in front of me. The soup was pretty good, thick and creamy with little mushroom bits.

I had a crabby burger for my main. The burger came with a gherkin and some fries. I ate everything on the plate, even the gherkin. This act surprised my dining companions so much that they immediately all offered me their gherkins (hoping to get rid of it). I refused of course, as even a rubbish bin has a bit of dignity. Besides, I don’t like gherkins all that much too.

The crab patty was tasty. It was breaded and then deep fried so it had a slightly crispy exterior but was soft and moist inside. I had never eaten a crab cake before and at first I was not accustomed to the much softer mush of the crab patty as compared to the firmer texture of crab meat. But it got better the more bites I took.

My choice of dessert was Granny’s Bread & Butter Pudding which came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. This was the most disappointing dish of this meal. Taste wise, the bread and butter pudding was okay but it densely packed like a dense cake. I preferred it to be softer and not so compressed.

Little Diner (Facebook | Website)
Address: 789 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269763
Tel: +65-64664088


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