Sayang and I decided to check out a cute little cafe called AEIOU. Even the name sounds cute. However depending on which direction you came from, the cafe could be hard to find as the sign was not easily visible. When in doubt, look for Oriental Antique House.

We went there early as we were afraid that it may be crowded on the weekends. The cafe was filled with mismatched pieces of old furniture that the owner found and restored or re-purposed. Apparently every furniture in the cafe is for sale so if you saw something you like, you could just bring it home with you, provided you’ve got the cash.

The coffee servings at Aeiou was huge. Sayang had the Dino Special Brew ($7) which was a cold brew that came in a vodka bottle sitting in a metal basin filled with ice cubes. The sight was impressive. However the coffee just tasted like normal black coffee. Although nice, it didn’t taste that special.

I had the Avocado Coffee ($8) which was a more interesting offering. The avocado was blended and came in a vodka bottle, while the coffee was two shots of espresso which came separately in two small cups. You could choose how you want to drink it. For me, I decided to pour both shots into the avocado and mixed them all together. The resulting mixture actually tasted pretty good. The creaminess and sweetness of the avocado helped to balance the bitterness of the coffee. I liked it.

I had a craving for scrambled eggs but it’s a pity that the two egg dishes on the menu were not scrambled eggs. So I had the next best thing, which was an omelet called Beaten Up Pinata ($12.90). The omelet came in a small wok and was pretty substantial. I felt that two people could easily shared this. The omelet had colorful capsicums and red onions mixed into it. It tasted not bad but there was so much of it that I got tired of the taste about halfway through.

Sayang had the other egg dish which was called A Pan of Sunshine ($8.90) and added smoked salmon ($4). It also came in a small wok and once again, two people could have easily shared this dish. It contained four sunny side up eggs. Because there were so many eggs, Sayang too got a bit tired of the taste about halfway through her meal.

When we placed our food orders, we did not expect the portions to be so big and thought it was a one person serving. We wished that the menu had indicated how many eggs were used so that customers could have ample warning. Had we known, we would not have ordered two egg dishes as four eggs per person is really too much.

Address: 111 King George’s Ave Singapore 208559
Tel: +65-62912698


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