Portico Singapore

We spent a while searching for somewhere to eat lunch. The first option was closed so Spider brought Pooh Bear and I to Portico Singapore for lunch. It was inside a commercial estate and I wouldn’t have guessed that there was a restaurant inside or that the public could freely enter.

The restaurant was a little pricey for a workday lunch, nice for a treat but definitely not something that I could afford to eat everyday. As Spider was not very hungry, we ordered a set lunch and three sides for sharing.

On the left were the sides that we order and on the right was the smoked salmon salad that was the appetizer for the set lunch.

First was the luncheon meat fries with yuzu mayo. The luncheon meat was cut into strips and deep-fried. They were a little salty so they were paired with a tangy yuza mayo.

The spiced lamb kebab was nicely grilled. We liked that it did not taste gamey. Spider liked the cucumber raita which was cool and refreshing.

Lastly we had Pommery mustard mash potatoes with beef gravy. The mashed potatoes was rich and dense. It was very tasty and we liked it a lot. But because it was so dense, it was too heavy for one person to eat all on his own. So we were quite glad that there were three of us to share it.

The smoked salmon salad was very good as well. The portion was generous, although I suspect that it was to make sure that we would be filled up as the main course portion was not so big. The smoked salmon was cut into thick slices and the whole salad was drizzled with a sesame-based dressing like those used in Japanese restaurants.

For the main course, we had smoked duck with grains. The smoked duck was tasty and flavorful. The mixed grains seemed to be made up of barley, corn, quinoa or cous cous. The main course was pretty nice but the portion was noticeably lesser than the salad.

Lastly for dessert (part of the set lunch), we had blueberry and lavender cake. The cake was moist and not too sweet. I was glad that the lavender was not overpowering as I did not like the sharp scent that lavender has.

Conclusion? The restaurant is a little pricey but the food was good and I do feel that I am getting my money’s worth.

Photos were taken by Spider on her mobile phone.

Portico Singapore
Address: 991B Alexandra Road #01-10, Singapore 119970
Tel: +65-62767337


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