Mauritius day 5: Tried kayaking

Today I decided to sleep in and purposely did not set any alarm. By the time I got out of bed, it was 8:30 am. I could still make it for breakfast so I did and held the same set of dishes. It wasn’t too bad. By now I knew what dishes were my favorite so I just focused on those.

After breakfast I went back to my room and read at the porch until it was about 11:30 am. It was a lovely morning. The birds were quite bold and some of them boldly perched on the chair beside me.

At 11:30 am, I started to feel a bit guilty for being lazy so I went to borrow a kayak. The wind was strong which created a lot of waves. It was tiring to keep to kayak on course. But then I’m also unfit and out of practice so I think fitter people would have less trouble. I paddled to the other end of the bay. When I turned around, I was surprised to see a boat speeding towards me. The driver was a dark man with dreadlocks and he called out to me. Then he asked me to get into the boat as the water sports station was closing. I was surprised, I didn’t know that they closed for lunch as the brochure said it was 9 am to 5 pm.

He also told me that I had gone out of the boundary. Apparently the safe zone was marked by  four orange flags. I didn’t know that and I felt apologetic that he had to fetch me in a boat. The man waved away my apologies saying that it was okay as I didn’t know.

For lunch, I tried to pick a table further away from the buffet stations so that it would be less obvious. The food was good as usual. I’m glad that I managed to take some photos of my appetizers before a staff approached me and asked to join me for lunch.

This time it was a young man called Stanislas. Stanislas works at the Mini Club which takes care of the children and organizes activities for them to do. This was his first job and it was his 2nd day at work. I couldn’t help thinking, “Wow, that means that I was at Club Med longer than him!”

Stanislas also confirmed that the Club Med employees were supposed to move around and join those who were alone so that they would not be lonely or bored. This was something I’ve suspected but it was nice to get confirmation. Stanislas also said that guests could also invite specific staff to join them for meals. Even though I do like some of the staff, I don’t think I will invited anyone to dine with me. It felt weird and I don’t suppose a staff can refuse cos I’m a guest. I still prefer to eat alone, Besides, each lunch and dinner is always another chance that nobody would find me.

Around 3:30 pm, I decided to try kayaking again. This time I consciously tried to stay within the confines of the orange flags. The bright day and water reflection sometimes made it hard to see where the flags were. After a while, the staff came running along the beach saying that I need to turn back. He shouted across the water, “You need to turn back… rock… stay near…” So I turned back. I felt like I’ve committed another booboo, although I could have sworn that I was within the area marked out by the orange flags. I began to feel a bit confused about what was considered within the boundaries so I decided to just play it safe and stay near the shore, within sight of the water sports station. It meant that I didn’t have a wide area to play with so I kept paddling back and fro, back and fro. Soon after I saw the dreadlocks guy in the boat again. He called out a greeting to me. I was afraid that I had committed another booboo so I was really relieved when he kept on going. After about 45 mins of paddling, I decided to head back to the shore. I couldn’t help noticing that the dreadlocks guy was behind me and parked his boat just minutes after I stepped onto the sand. Was he keeping an eye on me? Perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

After returning the kayak, I walked along the beach until I reach the end of Club Med. Then I turned back to return to my room to change out of my damp clothes.

It was still an hour before dinnertime so I went to the bar. Winsley was there and he recognized me. I guess there’s not a lot of Chinese staying at Club Med, especially someone who was alone. I told Winsley that I would like a before-dinner drink and his colleague offered to make something for me. As I sat at the bar and drank the blue cocktail, I could feel my arms aching.

Soon it was dinner time and I purposely chose a table even further away from the main area. Success! Nobody joined me for dinner.

I had a marlin tartare which looked a bit messy but it was really delicious.

I also had a goat cheese cigar. It was crispy and not bad. The cheese taste wasn’t as overpowering as I thought it would be.

For my main course, I had steak which was cooked on the spot at one of the stations. It was tender and juicy and cooked just right. It came with grilled asparagus which were juicy and mash sweet potato.

I also tried some of the pre-cooked food like curries and cous cous. Everything taste good.

For dessert, I had a huge chocolate macaroon standing in chocolate sauce. What a perfect end to the meal!

As I walked out of the dining hall, Charlie and Donna were standing at the entrance dressed in Moroccan-like attire. Donna offered me a cup of hot mint tea. So I found a table at the lobby area to read and drink the tea.

Nagin came by when I had drank about half of the tea. He saw me drinking the tea and went, “No, no, don’t drink this. Let me make you something good.” He offered to make me a cocktail and asked me to choose between rum, gin and vodka. I chose rum because it was a drink that was local to Mauritius. Nagin smiled his approval and came back with a orange cocktail.

Towel display today

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