Sayang and I meet for breakfast at a newly opened cafe called Airship Monniker (known simply as Monniker for short). The cafe had a steampunk look which I liked. It was a small place and next to a Aqueen Hotel so I imagined that it could get filled up pretty fast. When we were there, there were a few tables filled with guests from the hotel.

Both Sayang and I had latte ($5.50) which was pretty good.

Sayang had a Sweet Madame ($14) which was written in the menu as “croque madame with a twist”. It was bacon, poached egg, cheese, turkey ham and cranberry jam on top of caraway bread.

I was feeling pretty hungry so I ordered the most expensive breakfast on the menu which was Breakfast fit for a Captain ($21). It had two pork sausages, bacon, half an avocado, roasted tomato, pommes noisettes (tiny fried potato balls) and egg on caraway bread. I could choose whether I wanted my egg to be poached, fried or scrambled. I decided to try their scrambled eggs, as not all places were able to make their scrambled eggs well. I am pleased to find that the scrambled eggs at Monniker was really tasty. They were soft, buttery and creamy and there was so much that it overflowed from the toast (the bread is below the egg).

Now that I know the food is pretty good, I wondered what is on their lunch menu. Perhaps one day I will try it.

Address: 387 Balestier, Singapore 329795
Tel: +65-62502433


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