Scrambled eggs and espresso-nog at Monniker

I love the scrambled eggs at Monniker. How much do I love it? Let’s just say that I love it enough to wake up at 7am on a weekend and walk for 30 mins in the rain to eat it. It helped that I had arranged to meet Sayang at the cafe for breakfast, otherwise I might feel too lazy to go out. Some days laziness won, today gluttony wins.

I had the Eggs on Toast. You could choose to have the eggs done in different ways like poached or sunny side up, but for me, scrambled was the way to go. Because I was feeling pretty hungry, I added grilled chicken to my meal. Sayang also ordered the same thing as me except that she added smoked salmon.

This time the scrambled egg was not overflowing and you could clearly see the bread beneath. It still tasted just as good as the first time I had it so no complaints there. The grilled chicken was pretty good as well. It was tender and flavorful.

I tried one of the festive drinks that the staff had created for Christmas. It was called espresso-nog. It was served cold and tasted sweet and creamy with hints of cinnamon, like a dessert but in liquid form. Despite the name, the coffee flavor was very subtle. I’m not sure how long this drink would stay on the menu since Christmas had ended, but I hope that it would be back again next Christmas.

Address: 387 Balestier, Singapore 329795
Tel: +65-62502433


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