A.R.C. Coffee

I had a cafe latte at the A.R.C. Coffee. I read somewhere that it was opened by the 2015 Singapore Barista Champion. Unfortunately it wasn’t he manning the espresso machine as the guys behind the counter looked too young.

Cafe latte at A.R.C. Coffee

Even though it wasn’t the champion who made my coffee, the cup I had was still pretty nice. There was a lovely roasted aroma from the coffee. The coffee had the roasted flavor and a slight acidity. But I probably need to try it again another day as I just burnt my mouth on a piping hot tendon lunch which made everything tasted a little off.

When I first started drinking coffee, Batman taught me a game, which was to finish the coffee while keeping the latte art as intact as possible. Now whenever I drink coffee, I couldn’t help playing that game. I’m not always successful and most of the time, the latte art is a mess by the end.

This time the result is still recognizable.

Update on 23 May 2016: Key in “simplypolar” in Hollerout app (Android | iPhone) to claim 10% off if you spend more than $50.

A.R.C. Coffee (Facebook | Website)
Address: 29/31 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198477
Tel: +65-62916863

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