Pasta and lava cake at A.R.C. Coffee

I had lunch at the A.R.C. Coffee. When I entered the cafe, I was offered a place at a ledge that was near the entrance, confirming my theory that single customers were usually offered the worst seats in the house.

The idea of sitting at a place where everyone would pass by did not appeal to me. So I requested for another seat and was offered one that was further inside, this time facing a pillar. It was still better than the one near the entrance so I took it.

This time, the master is working the espresso machine so I had a cup that was made by him. The design is simpler, probably because there were a lot of coffee orders. Simple designs were faster to make. While the design is simpler, the taste is better than what I had last time. There was still a lovely roasted scent but I could no longer taste any acidity in the coffee. It was smoother and creamier.

I decided to try The Ruru Mian ($18.80) even though the menu described it as spicy. I felt like having a aglio olio pasta today.

When the food arrived, I thought the portion looked a little small. But I am a big eater and I know that the portion would be just nice for some of my friends. The prawns were small but there were about 5 – 6 of them so that’s enough. It was somewhat spicy and I need to take a break after a few bites to wait for the heat to die down. For other people with better chilli tolerance, they would find it mild. The pasta was good and I love the chunky pieces of garlic which was super tasty.

I also tried their salted caramel lave cake ($7.80). The salted caramel oozed out beautifully, unlike another place which shall not be named. It wasn’t too sweet and tasted a little like butterscotch. The cake part was soft and moist, reminding me a bit of an English pudding.

Update on 23 May 2016: Key in “simplypolar” in Hollerout app (Android | iPhone) to claim 10% off if you spend more than $50.

A.R.C. Coffee (Facebook | Website)
Address: 29/31 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198477
Tel: +65-62916863

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