New Toy: Toshiba FlashAir

Toshiba Flash AirI bought the Toshiba FlashAir about three weeks ago after reading about it on Lifehacker. It is an SD memory card with wireless capabilities. It seemed like an easy and convenient way to wirelessly download photos from the camera. This type of technology is nothing new as the Eyefi cards have been doing this for a long ago. Toshiba added their own spin to it but the end result is the same, you no longer have to use a cable to download photos from the camera to your computer.

Toshiba FlashAir comes in 3 different sizes – 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. I bought the cheapest 8GB card ($39, Challenger members can get it for $19) to try and was quite pleased with the results. Toshiba had released an official app for both iOS and Android phones and it was easy to use and set up.

There is also an official software for Windows but it keeps having problems detecting the FlashAir card. I was able to use the internet browser to download photos from the card but it was a tedious and slow process as I could only download one at a time. After searching around, I found the FlashAir Developers website which listed apps made by the public (Lifehacker also mentioned this). I downloaded one of the apps for Windows and it works beautifully. Connecting and downloads was fast and easy and I could specify where to save the photos in, whether to create new folders and what naming convention to use. Sweet!

The bummer is that I can only use this on my Panasonic camera as my old Fujifilm camera is using a xD memory card. The card is a different shape so for the Fujifilm camera, I still need to use a cable to get the photos onto my computer.

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