HortPark Gardeners’ Day Out in March

I found out that HortPark was holding a Gardeners’ Day Out in March so I decided to head down for a look. Among the other events, there would be a bazaar. I hope that I would be able to find some cheap air plants for sale.

I took the train down and walked from Labrador Park MRT. It was further than I expected, about 15 – 20 mins walk. I knew that the nearest MRT station to HortPark was Labrador Park and somehow in my mind, I must have thought that it would be right next to the station. Still, it wasn’t a long or difficult walk so all was good.

Alexandra Arch

When I saw the familiar sight of Alexandra Arch, I knew that I had reached my destination. The bazaar was located at the big lobby at the HortPark Visitor Services Centre. Most of the stalls were selling plants and gardening tools. Since the bazaar was listed as from 9 am to 5 pm, I decided that there was time for me to take a walk in the park first.

Stalls at Hort Park Garderner's Day Out

When I returned at 3 pm, I found that some of the stalls had sold out while others were packing up. That was earlier than expected, but I guess they didn’t expect new customers to arrived so late in the day. I so glad when I found a stall that sold air plants. The owners were hobbyists rather than commercial growers so the types of air plants they had were limited. The girl manning the stall was friendly and answered my questions about growing air plants. She even took out her phone to show me a photo of what the plant would look like when it flowered. I bought 4 small air plants for $10.

Four air plants

I was pretty happy with my purchase. As I traveled home, I kept peering into the plastic bag to look at my plants. If these do well, I would probably get more and different types of air plants.

My happiness is diminished when I found some tiny black bugs on the plants after I reached home. They were so tiny that they seemed like specks of dirt, except they moved. After some googling, I found out that they were probably some sort of scale insect which is considered a plant pest. I tried to wash them out with water but they held on fast to the leaves. I managed to picked a few off when they crawled to the higher parts of the plant.

I don’t think I need to worry too much about the bugs. They only feed on the plants and are harmless to humans. There weren’t a lot of them and the plants still looked pretty healthy despite the bugs’ presence. I will probably do periodic checks and pick off any bugs that I can get my hands on, just to keep their population in check.


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