Restaurant Week: Lunch at KUVO

I met up with some old friends for a lunch at KUVO. It’s on the second floor of Orchard Shopping Centre. I had passed by it many times but I’ve never stepped into the building, much less know that there was a pretty good restaurant in it. I guess it’s because the building always felt like a office building than a shopping centre.

The restaurant itself was pretty nice and spacious. The general feel was like a higher class restaurant but it wasn’t very pricey. The staff was attentive and friendly. I was greeted by a smiling man dressed in a light gray formal suit, which made me felt really under-dressed. When I told him that my friend had arrived, he asked, “Is your friend Hotasuki?” and pointed out where she was sitting. I was quite impressed. There must have been lots of Restaurant Week reservations as the restaurant was full. Despite that, he was able to correctly point out my friend without needing to refer to anything.

We had the Restaurant Week lunch set which was around $36 after taxes.

First was the Cauliflower Velouté. You couldn’t see it but there were two mussels lying at the bottom of the bowl. The soup was creamy with a slight charred flavor from the cauliflower.

For the main courses, we could choose between chicken or fish. Both mains came on large plates with the food arranged artistically on one side. It looked nice but the artistic value was lost on me. Perhaps I’m practical; I don’t see the point of leaving empty spaces on the plate when you could fill it with food. Ha ha.

Hotasuki choose the fish which was Olive Oil-Poached Snapper. The fish was light and not oily despite being poached in oil. Hotasuki enjoyed the tangy taste of the tomato-pepper salsa which came with the fish.

Chicken confit at KUVO

Rixou and I had the Chicken Confit. The breast meat was moist and tender. The chicken was accompanied by tarragon mustard sauce which was light in taste. The mustard flavor was hardly noticeable. Like the fish, the chicken came with gruyere potato puree.

Dessert was milk chocolate with passion mango sauce in the middle. The chocolate dome (praline, I think) was not bad. It was easy to eat but I thought the chocolate flavor could be stronger. There was a generous amount of passion fruit-mango in the middle which kept flowing out after I cut into it. Both Hotasuki and Rixou both felt that tangy sweet sauce helped to balance out the chocolate.

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