Restaurant Week: Lunch at Privé Grill

Four of us went for lunch at Privé Grill for Restaurant Week. None of us had dined at this restaurant before but we heard that the food was good.

We were served four buns and four saucers of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The restaurant had kept the buns warm in the oven and when we torn them open, a cloud of steam rose from the insides. There were two types; plain, and nuts and raisins.

There were options for each course of the 3-course meal. For the starters, all of us were tempted by the Blue Swimmer Crab Ravioli, which looked more interesting than the other option, Burnt Leek & Potato Soup. (Another friend tried soup the during her lunch the next day and said it was pretty good as well.)

There were two ravioli and two grilled asparagus sitting in a pool of tarragon-butter sauce. And in case you forgot what you’ve ordered, there was a small pile of crab meat to remind you. The ravioli was tasty and I could taste the crab meat in it. There were capers in it which gave a salty hit whenever I bit one. The ravioli and asparagus went well with the creamy, buttery sauce.

For the main course, all of us picked the same dish again. We all chose the Grilled “Silver Fern Farms” Ribeye which came with roasted carrots and sweet potato, and Yorkshire pudding. The steak was tasty. I also liked the slight sweetness of the sweet potato which acted as a contrast to the savory flavors. None of us chose the other option, which was Snapper Bouillabaisse. (According to the same friend who drank the soup, the fish was only so-so.)

Because I was greedy, I also ordered an extra side of Cauliflower Mac & Cheese. The side was cheesy and creamy. It was not bad but not memorable. It was too rich for one person to eat so I was glad that I shared it with the rest.

Most people chose the Paris Brest for dessert. It looked like a cream puff stuffed with hazelnut praline crème. I didn’t try it but my dining companions liked it.

I had the Strawberry Semifreddo. It was like frozen mousse so it was light and cold. I liked it as it tasted refreshing and didn’t feel heavy.

Privé Grill
Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
Tel: +65-67760777


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