Lunch at KEK Pandan Gardens

KEK means Keng Eng Kee. KEK is located at Pandan Gardens while the main restaurant, Keng Eng Kee (瓊榮記海鲜) is located at Alexandra Village. Someone explained to me that the main restaurant sells traditional zi char (煮炒) dishes while KEK sells more fusion dishes. So there are differences in the dishes available at the two restaurants.

KEK Pandan Gardens is a popular place and every table was filled when we had lunch there. It’s no surprise as the food is delicious and not expensive.

Our first dish was a large plate of Moonlight Hor Fun which came with two raw eggs (normal size has one egg). The raw egg yolk looked like a full moon, thus the name for the dish. The raw egg was only for the visual effect as you are supposed to quickly break the egg up and mixed it into the steaming hot hor fun, thus creating a smooth eggy sauce. There were a lot of ingredients in the hor fun and it was flavorful. I picked out all the beansprouts but I ate everything else.

One of the dishes that I liked a lot was the Marmite Chicken which was fried and then coated in a sweetish marmite-based sauce. The chicken had a crispy coating and was tender and moist.

Besides the Marmite Chicken, another favorite was the Salted Egg Yolk Crab Spaghetti. Salted egg yolk dishes are very popular now in Singapore, and I felt that this is one of the good ones. The restaurant used soft shelled crab so we don’t have the hassle of getting the crab out of its shell. The spaghetti was coated in a sauce which had a slight sandy texture. This dish was slightly spicy and too rich for one person, but it was really yummy. Everyone at the table liked it.

We also ordered a Sambal Kang Kong. I don’t like kang kong so I only took a few strands to try. Yup, I still don’t like this vegetable.

The Hotplate Tofu was so-so, being not exceptionally good or bad. However, I liked the bonito shavings which swayed and moved in the heat as if they were alive.

KEK Pandan Gardens
Address: 200 Pandan Gardens #01-12, Singapore 609336
Tel: +65-66943044


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