Restaurant Week: Dinner at Laurent’s Cafe

I met Keropi and Mao Mao for dinner at Laurent’s Cafe. It is a casual eatery located at the basement of Heeren. Before I went there, I didn’t know that it was owned by the same guy behind Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

Because it was the night before a public holiday, I decided to add an extra $10 for a glass of red wine. You know, to get into the festive mood. The red wine was quite nice, pretty smooth and not tannic.

For the dinner menu, there were two options each for the starter and main; no choice for the dessert. Between the three of us, we tried all the options.

Keropi and Mao Mao had the Classic Norwegian Platter with cold Smoked Salmon. The smoked salmon and cream cheese were on thin slices of bread. It was not bad. The portion was not a lot and just enough to get your stomach looking forward to the main course. There was a salad on the side.

I had the Lobster Bisque. It was quite watery, not what I expected as I thought it would be thicker. It was also a dull brown which didn’t feel reassuring. But all doubts melted away when I took my first sip of the soup. It was full of lobster flavor as if a bucket full of lobster heads were used in the making of the soup.

Keropi and Mao Mao had the Chicken Thigh Provencal Style and Traditional Ratatouille. I didn’t pick this because I thought it would come with bone. Lazy me didn’t feel like wrestling with bones. When the dishes arrived, Mao Mao laughed at me because the chicken was boneless.

I had Roast Salmon Herbs and Garlic Crusted Served with Buttered Carrot. It was quite tasty and felt light so I felt like I was eating something healthy. The carrots were cooked with butter and onions until soft. At first the big pile of carrots looked a bit intimidating. However, these carrots were cooked until there was none of that distinctive carrot flavor that I dislike, so I finished everything.

The Dark Chocolate Lava Cake was very good. The kitchen ran out of vanilla ice-cream so we were asked to choose our flavor. I chose hazelnut flavor to go with the cake.

Look at how liquid the chocolate lava was. I ate up all of mine and then I ate up Mao Mao’s cake as well. Chocolatey goodness 🍫👍

Laurent’s Cafe
Address: 260 Orchard Road B1-02C, Singapore 238855
Tel: +65-62352340


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