Souffle De Nuage at Miam Mian

After the not-so-long-but-feels-like-forever walk, I thought that I wouldn’t have any appetite for lunch. Generally, when I am too tired or too hot, I don’t feel hungry at all. But after I drank a large cup of cold sugar cane juice and cooled down, I started to feel ready for some food.

However, it was also lunchtime so it meant that the restaurants were packed and there were long queues in front of the more popular ones. After viewing all the options, I decided to eat at Miam Miam. It was very similar to another Japanese fusion cafe.

I had the Souffle De Nuage ($16.80) mainly because I felt like eating tomato rice.

It looked like a very big dish but this dish’s name is called souffle for a reason. The small mound on top of the dish was mostly air. It was like cheesy eggy foam. While there was a lot of it, it didn’t felt substantial or filling. Now I understood why a friend said that it felt like eating air.

Beneath the souffle was tomato rice with some bits of ham and mushrooms. The tomato rice was nicely done so the food was tasty. However, I would probably not order this dish again as I preferred to have the cheese and egg be cooked the usual way so it felt like I was eating real cheese and egg rather than foam.

Miam Miam
Address: 83 Punggol Central, #01-62 Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
Tel: +65-68370301


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