Trying out Deliveroo

Today I felt lazy so I decided to use Deliveroo to deliver my lunch and dinner. It is a food delivery service, like Food Panda, that was quite popular at the moment.

Some things I found out while trying out this service:

  • You can order from the website or the app.
  • Pre-orders are only available on the website.
  • Deliveroo deliveries has to be a minimum of $25, if your order is below that amount, you will have to pay an extra $5.
  • Flat delivery fee of $3.
  • I can’t find any way to cancel a submitted order. So make sure your order is correct before you submit it.

With the time saved, I did some household chores. So you know, I did something productive instead of bumming around the whole day. It’s something to ease the guilt.

Lunch: I am…

First I tried ordering from the Deliveroo website. I keyed in my postal code and the website showed a list of restaurants near my location that I could order from. So I couldn’t order from any restaurant in Singapore, only those that are near enough.

I used the website to do a pre-order because most of the restaurants were not open yet when I signed up in the morning. I could specify what time I want the food to be delivered which was nice.

The site had a simple and clean design which made it easy to navigate and use. It gave me a picture list of restaurants with the name, type of cuisine, price range and estimated delivery time needed shown clearly. Currently the restaurants did not seemed to be arranged in any particular order so it made looking for that one particular restaurant quite troublesome. There was also no way to sort or filter the restaurants. So if I wanted to eat only Japanese food, I have to scroll through all the restaurants to see what Japanese restaurants were available.

Ordering was easy. As I added items, the total sum was shown instantly on the sidebar. There was also a reminder about the extra charge if your total was below $25. I could also add a tip to the driver if I wanted.

I ordered a burger and drink from I am… and the delivery arrived on time (give or take 5 mins). The burger was still hot while the chocolate drink was still cold. Given how hot the weather is nowadays, I’m happy to see that the ice cubes had not melted yet.

I ordered the Charcoal-grilled ‘Big Bear’ Beef Burger. The burger was so full of stuff that I had trouble eating it. Besides the beef patty, lettuce and tomato, there was also a fried egg and a slice of deep fried onion. The burger was yummy and still pretty hot. It was so hot that I started to sweat while I’m eating it. Maybe I’m feeling quite hungry as I thought the fries were super yummy even though they were a little soft from the water condensation.

Dinner: Tanuki Raw

For dinner, I tried ordering through the handphone app. The interface was the same as the website so it would look familiar to users. Due to the smaller screen on handphones, there was an extra step I had to take in order to check the total amount.

I discovered that the app had a function where I could track my order. I could see whether it was being prepared or on the way. When my food was on the way, I could see a little icon representing the delivery man, travelling across the map to my location. So it was easy to tell when my food had arrived.

The delivery arrived exactly on time. Because there was no doorbell on the front door, the delivery man called me on the phone to inform me that he was right outside.

My dinner was from Tanuki Raw. I ordered the Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku rice bowl and added edamame to make the total over $25. The restaurant gave me so many edamame that I was able to keep half and eat them another day.

The rice bowl was very tasty. The restaurant gave me quite a big piece of foie gras and drizzled a brown sauce (might be the black garlic brown butter that was listed in the menu description) over it. The sauce was tasty but it did overpower the taste of the foie gras as little. Foie gras was pretty flavorful on its own so it didn’t need the sauce. The beef was nice and tender. I’m glad that the egg was still runny and didn’t get cooked on the journey.


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