Black&Ink is a retro-looking cafe. The white tiled wall and marble top wooden tables reminds me of the coffee shops I’ve visited when I was a kid. Of course while the style was retro, the furnishings are pretty new-looking and much cleaner than the olden day coffee shops.

The cafe is also pretty small. Even though there are about 4-5 tables, they are pretty close together and the chairs are often back to back.

I had a latte which was strong and robust.

I liked the design of the cup which meant that it was only slightly warm to touch even though the coffee was hot.

Thai tea muffin at Black&Ink

I also tried the Thai tea muffin. The top was cracked in places so the outer crust was crisper, almost like a cookie.

What I didn’t know was that it was a filled muffin. So I had a pleasant surprise when I opened up the muffin. The liquid flowed out while the core was still semi-solid.

Black&Ink (Facebook | Instagram)
Address: 168 Changi Road #01-01/02, Singapore 419730
Tel: +65-96201022


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