The Beef House

Today I decided to revisit a restaurant I had not visited for around five years.

The Beef House had moved premises from my last visit, still along the same street, but no longer sharing the space with the popiah shop. It is now air-conditioned so it felt good to get out of the humid hot weather.

I asked for dry noodles but the restaurant got my order wrong and gave me a bowl of soup instead. I was too lazy to correct them and took it as a sign that I should try the soup version instead.

A bowl of beef beehoon soup at The Beef House

The soup version was pretty nice. The soup had a slight tangyness which made me think of lime or lemon. I had a mix of everything which supposedly contained beef balls, tendon balls and beef slices. I couldn’t really tell what was the difference between the beef and tendon balls. The balls were bouncy. I think if I threw them on the floor, they would really bounced back up.

In the end, nice as the soup version was, I think I still preferred the dry version.

The Beef House
Address: 153 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427429
Tel: +65-81835212


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