The Butchers Club Burger

The Butchers Club is an established brand in Hong Kong with a variety of restaurants. Last year, it opened an outlet in Singapore, but unlike the extensive menu in Hong Kong, the Singapore outlet only served burgers.

The main menu was pretty simple; just two food items on the menu. There was a cheeseburger, known simply as The Burger ($20), and Duck Fat Fries ($8). But there was also a secret menu (that was not so secret as it was displayed in the restaurant), that had more burgers. The burgers on the secret menu seemed to change periodically.

It was my first visit to the restaurant so I decided to go for the house burger. On weekdays, there was a lunch set for $25. It included The Burger, Duck Fat Fries and a soft drink. Quite worth it because if you ordered them ala carte, it would be around $30.

The Burger was yummy. The buns were very soft and dusted with flour on the top. In between the bread was cheddar cheese, glazed bacon, tomato, pickles, the restaurant’s special sauce and of course the beef patty. The beef patty was coarsely grind, juicy and tender. I liked that the meat juices were not dripping out with every bite and seemed to mostly stayed in the patty. While dripping juices looked impressive, I’ve always felt that juices that dripped out were deliciousness that were lost. So the more that stayed in the patty, the more for me. The patty was cooked until it had a nice layer of crust which contrasted nicely with the tender center. The bacon was pretty nice was well. It was not the crispy type but thicker and slightly chewy.

The Duck Fat Fries were potato wedges which were deep fried. The fries were then delivered to the table straight from the fryer. There was crispy exterior while the insides were soft.

The Butchers Club Burger
Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-01B Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Tel: +65-68370675


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