Singapore Garden Festival 2016

I visited the Singapore Garden Festival 2016 on the first day of the event. I believe this was the first time that it was being held at Gardens by the Bay.

It was a bright and sunny day which is a good thing because the displays were at three different spots so there was a bit of walking to do. Although the heat made me tire faster, it would be more miserable if it was raining.

Below are some photos of the event.

An outdoor display at The Meadow area.

Some displays are indoors in big tents. Going into the dark tents from the bright outdoor sun rendered me blind for a few seconds.

The lighting at this display changes from morning, noon, sunset to night.

One of the mock ups of a balcony garden. A funny thing happened here.

My friends and I looked at this display and I wondered aloud about the green patches on the walls and ceiling. “What are those? Are they real?”

A friend answered, “They look like broccoli.”

At this moment, a man standing nearby turned to us and said, “These are reindeer moss. They don’t last very long in Singapore.”

We were pretty stunned that someone actually answered us and we quickly moved on to the next display. I don’t remember if we even thanked the guy. But if we didn’t, thank you Mr Reindeer Moss man, for sharing the knowledge with us.

I like looking at the balcony garden displays and I especially like the retro stuff that was in one of the displays. The designers had taken out the electrical insides of the TV and replaced it with a terrarium. Pretty ingenious.

A wall display consisting of air plants and bromeliads.

The World of Terrariums is in another dark tent.

This display looked pretty and whimsical but it must be a pain to maintain and water.

A close-up of one of the terrariums. Little things in hanging glass containers are just more eye-catching than their bigger counterparts.

All of us were quite taken by this display that turned succulent plants into Japanese sweets. They look so cute and dainty.

Three lithops in a bowl of udon noodles. My friend was quite taken by them but unfortunately nobody seemed to be selling them at the marketplace.

Succulent sushi look so cute and yummy.

Another tray of succulents pretending to be Japanese sweets.

Display by a German designer.

This display reminded me of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.


Finally the orchid display inside the Flower Dome.


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