Old Hen Kitchen

Old Hen Coffee recently opened a small eatery about one block away. It is called Old Hen Kitchen which indicated that it would concentrate more on food. As it had just opened, there were only a few dishes available.


Old Hen Kitchen had an open kitchen concept and I could see into the kitchen from where I was sitting. The interior was clean and bright. The style and furnishings were very similar to Old Hen Coffee, so loyal fans of the cafe would feel right at home here.

On thing I noticed was that the tables and seating were all pretty high, like the height of bar tables and bar stools. I didn’t like that much as it was pretty uncomfortable to sit for long. The seat was so tall that my legs dangled in the air when I sat down. I had to tuck my legs under the seat so that my feet can rest on the metal bar between the stool legs.

I remembered the cafe had proper tables and chairs so why couldn’t they place proper tables and chairs at the Kitchen? It’s not as if they took up more space; proper tables and chairs would take up the same amount of space as the current furniture. However, it was some time since I’ve been there. Perhaps the cafe had changed all to bar tables and bar chairs. If they did, it would be a pity.

The drinks from Old Hen Coffee, like dark cocoa, cold brew coffee, were all available at Old Hen Kitchen.


I decided to try a new drink called Matcha Milk Tea. It was was pretty nice but mild. It was more milk than matcha. I preferred a stronger matcha taste.


For food, I tried the Portobello Mushroom Aglio Olio. It was tasty and I enjoyed it even though there was no meat.


There were plenty of portobello mushroom slices, almond slices and chilli flakes. Despite the chilli flakes, it wasn’t spicy. It also came with an onsen egg which had a deliciously soft centre.

Old Hen Kitchen
Address: 127 Owen Rd, Singapore 218931
Tel: +65-62910632


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